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All for you, to possess inner and outer beauty.


The founder, Meng Zhen, who graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), has been passionate about ancient jewelry.

source of inspiration

Meng Zhen interested in ylang-ylang and lemon essential oils when she traveled to Southeast Asia. She also experienced the emotional upheaval brought on by hormones after giving birth to twins.

By chance, she learned more about essential oils and its healing effect on both the body and mind. Moreover, she became a professional aromatherapist and set up her aromatherapy brand.

shining, healing, refreshing

As a working mom and aromatherapist, it's crucial to own a lovely fragrance jewelry.

As a designer, she incorporates ancient culture into modern design, use precious metals, handmade glass and natural stones to make unique jewelry with fragrance.

Let us be shining, healing, refreshing whether at work, at a party, or at home.

All for you, to possess inner and outer beauty·
All for you, to possess inner and outer beauty·


Building upon 2700 years of ancient Greek mythology, Aromatopia honors its rich past with it's modern designs. Aromatopia design of exquisite fragrance jewelry that may have essential oils or perfumes makes the change of scent available.

When you wear it, the handcrafted glass, natural stones, 18k gold will make you feel radiant, healing, revitalized.

All for you, to possess inner and outer beauty.


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