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Zoom Apollo White Gold Ring
Zoom Apollo White Gold Ring
Zoom Apollo White Gold Ring
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Radiance White Gold Ring

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Color:White gold + Purple Glass

Material: copper; 18k white gold; handmade glass

Size:The diameter of the ring face is 40mm, and the shank is 13# opening.

How To Wear

Depends on your preference, the jewelry are available to add essential oils or perfumes, or you can wear them directly without adding anything.

How to add fragrance:

How To Care

How to clean gold jewelry?

1. All gold rings and most precious gemstones can be cleaned with warm water, mild dish soap (no detergents) and a soft brush.

2. Don't use toothpaste, baking soda and abrasives!

3. Always remember to close the drain if you are using your sink.

4. Rinse your jewelry in warm water, let it dry completely and buff with a soft, dry, lint free cloth

Does 14K / 18K gold tarnish?

The general rule: jewelry with less pure gold content will likely be tarnished. 18K gold won't tarnish except for a few specific and rare conditions.

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Radiance Series

The Radiance collection draws inspiration from the energy of the sun, allowing you to shine uniquely. Crafted with gold/silver plating, the handcrafted glass element inside can hold your favorite fragrance. Whether for casual or fashion-forward ensembles, these accessories make you stand out, showcasing your style and making you a fashion icon. With a moderate size, they strike the perfect balance between boldness and individuality. Embrace Radiance and shine uniquely.

Radiance White Gold Ring

$29.00 USD Regular price $66.00 USD

Radiance series

Radiance Collection epitomizes brilliance and grandeur. Each piece of jewelry is a tiny star, radiating boundless luminosity through gold and gemstones.

The designer's ingenuity weaves together the splendor and enigma of the sun, as if immersing the universe's mysteries within.

They symbolize the power of life and the daily hope that illuminates your moments, etching them into your heart.

Step into the realm of the Radiance Collection, embrace unparalleled extravagance and elegance, and embark on your radiant journey.


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